EDMONTON – Official Opposition Leader and interim Conservative Party Leader Rona Ambrose is urging ‎Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to turn his focus to the dire economic situation in Alberta. “Alberta has been and can remain a key economic driver for the whole country, but the province is facing real challenges. Unfortunately, the Trudeau Liberals have no economic plan to respond to the collapse of oil, other than tax and spend policies that have failed Canada time and again,” said Ambrose. “I am urging Prime Minister Trudeau to recognize the job crisis in Alberta and be clear about his plan to support Alberta growth and job creation, both in the short and long term.” “Any plan should include job training, infrastructure and innovation investments. But the Liberal government must also begin taking a serious approach to getting pipelines approved and built, with leadership from the very top,” said Ambrose. “Canada loses billions by not accessing world prices for oil, and developing export markets in the massive and growing Pacific Rim economies is critical to address this. Getting our resources to tidewater is crucial to the success of our country.” Ambrose said the tens of thousands of lost jobs in Alberta have put a tremendous strain on the province. “Across Alberta, thousands of families are facing the holidays without an income to cover basic needs,” said Ambrose. “Food bank use has skyrocketed and Albertans are increasingly battling emotional and mental health issues because of their tough circumstances. As a result, a difficult Christmas will extend into a daunting New Year for far too many Alberta families struggling with job losses.” Ambrose urged Canadians to generously donate to food banks in their communities, and for those living outside Alberta, to consider helping food banks in the province if they can as well. “Food banks in Alberta are facing some of the toughest challenges meeting demand,” Ambrose said. “During the Christmas season, let’s not forget to lend a helping hand to those who need it, no matter where they live. A cash donation to a food bank in Alberta would mean a great deal this year, no matter which part of Canada it comes from.”