Official Opposition and Conservative Party Leader, Rona Ambrose, along with Foreign Affairs critic Tony Clement and Senate Deputy Leader Yonah Martin, issued the following statement regarding the sentencing of Canadian citizen Hyeon Soo Lim in North Korea. “Rev. Lim’s arrest was an affront to Canadians’ belief in religious freedom, and his sentencing at the hands of the North Korean government defies any reasonable understanding of due process, fair trials, or the rule of law,” said Ambrose. “His sentence offends Canadians’ sense of justice. We condemn it absolutely, and the government has our full support for any action it might take to secure his release and return to his family and congregation here in Canada.” “The government must pursue every means possible to secure Rev. Lim’s immediate release. Through his Toronto-based ministry, Rev. Lim has worked tirelessly and with great compassion to uplift the severely oppressed people of North Korea and has served as a strong voice for North Korean refugee resettlement to Canada,” said Tony Clement. “This sentence is a reflection of a cruel and unjust dictatorship that inflicts horrendous human rights abuses upon its own people, and threatens the world with its reckless nuclear ambitions.” “Over the past 20 years, Rev. Lim has travelled to North Korea more than 100 times in support of humanitarian projects sponsored through his church, including providing tonnes of much needed food and clothing. His efforts have also helped build and renovate schools and hospitals, and care for thousands of orphans and infirm elderly citizens,” said Senator Martin. “I have known Rev. Lim for several years and know that he is a highly respected individual and compassionate humanitarian at heart. I call upon the government to help secure his safe return home to his family and community.” Ambrose, Clement and Martin concluded by saying, “We look forward to the day when North Korea embraces the values Canada shares with all freedom-loving peoples, and rejoins the international community in pursuit of peace and prosperity for everyone.”