OTTAWA – Rona Ambrose, Leader of the Official Opposition, and Interim Leader and Status of Women Critic for the Conservative Party, issued the following statement on the 100th anniversary of women being granted the right to vote in the province of Manitoba: “It has been 100 years since women in Manitoba fought for and were granted the right to vote and to hold provincial office. This was the first such victory for equality that over the next two years swept through Western Canada and Ontario, before the federal government would follow suit.” “We are blessed to live in a Canada where most girls enjoy possibilities only dreamed of by their counterparts in too much of the world – a Canada where they can pursue an education and a career even at the highest levels of our country’s political life.” “Still, we have much work to do. Like building a great nation, achieving the full equality of all Canadians is a task that demands our constant attention. Despite our achievements, women are still under-represented not just in the highest echelons of corporate Canada, but also in the House of Commons. As well, too many girls find their choices and opportunities limited by economic circumstances.” “So today, we salute the brave women in Manitoba who fought so hard for the right to vote one hundred years ago, and for the equal rights and opportunities earned by women in the century since.” “If they could see us now, I’m sure they would agree that we have cause for celebration. But they would also remind us of this work still to be done. Their legacy remains our challenge.”