OTTAWA – Tony Clement, Member of Parliament for Parry Sound-Muskoka, responded today to the Parliamentary Budget Officer’s (PBO) report, saying the Conservative Party seeks answers on how Justin Trudeau`s Liberals will avoid racking up billions in additional deficit spending. “The PBO confirmed today exactly what we said during the campaign – the Liberals will run significantly larger than promised deficits. The Liberals were telling Canadians they’d run $10 billion per year deficits. The PBO today said they’re already starting nearly $13 billion behind. We want to know how the Liberals will avoid falling deeper into the fiscal hole,” said Clement. “Our concern as Official Opposition remains that the shortfall will be made up through the pocketbooks of hard-working Canadians using tax hikes on their paycheques, removal of benefits they rely on, and cutting services they need.” Clement added that over 5.6 million Canadians elected the Conservative Party to be a strong voice against any move to raise taxes and cut programs. As Official Opposition, he said, we will look out for everyday working people and their families and ensure the country’s finances are kept in check.