On June 8, 2017, a meeting of the Leadership Election Organizing Committee (LEOC), overseeing the election of a new leader for the Conservative Party of Canada, ruled that the Brad Trost Leadership Campaign violated the rules governing the leadership election by providing a copy of the Party’s membership list to an unauthorized third-party organization. LEOC also fined the Trost Campaign for the alleged infraction.

On February 10, 2019 the appeal committee of LEOC found that the list in question was a copy of the list provided to the Trost Campaign for use during the leadership election, but there was insufficient evidence to conclude that the Trost Campaign was the source of its leak. Accordingly, the non-compliance ruling against the Trost Campaign by LEOC on June 8, 2017 has been overturned. The Conservative Party of Canada and the Trost Campaign have come to a settlement with regards to the financial aspects of the decision including the fine and the judicially awarded costs from a related legal action.

In short, LEOC does not believe there is evidence that the Trost Campaign was responsible for leaking of the membership list, and that this matter is now closed.