“This week marks the second anniversary of the brutal massacre of thousands of Yazidis in the Sinjar region of northern Iraq. It is estimated that over 5,000 men were executed, 7,000 women and girls were captured and forced into sexual slavery, while another 300,000 civilians were forced to flee from their homes. Sadly, this was among the first of many atrocities committed by the Islamic State, who continue to hold power and influence not only in the region but around the world. “The previous government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, responded forcefully and directly to this genocide. We committed the Royal Canadian Air Force to launch air strikes in ISIS-controlled territory. We sent Canadian Special Forces operatives to train and assist Iraqi Security Forces on the ground. And over objections from the bureaucracy we prioritized persecuted religious, ethnic, and sexual minorities for Canada’s resettlement programs. “Unfortunately, the current Liberal government couldn’t even bring themselves to state the obvious: that Yazidis, Assyrians, Christians, and other religious, ethnic, and sexual minorities are the victims of genocide. They even voted against such a declaration in the House of Commons, and applauded its defeat. The Islamic State’s goal is to wipe entire civilizations from the face of the earth and the history books. It is our responsibility and historic duty to counter this threat. “Canadians agree. According to a recent IPSOS poll, a majority of Canadians believe the federal government should do everything in its power to fight ISIS. This is not surprising given the number and increasing devastation of terrorist attacks which have occurred around the world, particularly in Europe. “The genocide of the Yazidi on Mount Sinjar was just the beginning. It is time for the government to not only do all in its power to help this vulnerable minority, but to rejoin the international coalition in its fight against the brutal terrorist group ISIS. The Western world can no longer afford to let the success of ISIS inspire further attacks in our cities and our homes. It is time to kill the enemy where they live, and for Canada to return to the front lines.”