OTTAWA, ON – Pierre Paul-Hus, Shadow Minister for Public Safety, Border Security and Emergency Preparedness, issued the following statement on the Public Safety and National Security Committee meeting to examine possible solutions to help members of Desjardins Group affected by personal data theft:
“The vast majority of Quebecers and Canadians are worried about the protection of personal information, identity theft, and the safety of information technology. People affected by the recent data theft at Desjardins Group are rightly concerned.
“This is why we have asked, at the initiative of Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, that the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security be reconvened for a meeting in order to help Desjardins Group leaders in their efforts to protect and reassure their members, and to find solutions to guarantee the safety of Canadians in the future.
“It is deplorable to see once again the inaction of Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, who have done absolutely nothing to support Desjardins Group. But it is no surprise – we are used to this government’s insensitivity on issues that directly affect Canadians.”
“Only a Conservative government will take a serious look at the challenges of protecting the privacy and personal information of Canadians.”


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