_Rona Ambrose issued the following statement today on Canadian Multiculturalism Day:_ Today Canadians from all across the country celebrate one of the long lasting traditions of this country, multiculturalism. Every day, people from all around the world arrive in Canada seeking freedom and equality. They bring with them a variety of skills, a desire to succeed and commitment to hard work. In Canada, we believe that every citizen has value and something to contribute, regardless of where you were born, your heritage, or your religion. Whether you have recently arrived to this country or your family has been here for generations, you should have the equal opportunity to support your family, your community, and your country. As we approach Canada Day and its celebration of all those features that make Canada the best country in the world, it’s worth reflecting today on the many ideas and values that have helped shaped us as a nation. On Canadian Multiculturalism Day, I encourage all Canadians to celebrate and further strengthen the rich and diverse cultural mosaic that we have created.