OTTAWA – Official Opposition Foreign Affairs critic, Tony Clement, offered deepest condolences to the family of a Canadian citizen killed today in the city of Jakarta by bomb blasts alleged to be set off by members associated with the Islamic State (IS). The Canadian was reportedly one of at least two civilians killed when blasts went off in a busy shopping and business district in the Indonesian capital. The explosions were close to foreign embassies and the United Nations offices. “On behalf of the Conservative Caucus, we offer our thoughts and prayers to the victims of this senseless act of terror, and in particular for the family of the innocent Canadian whose life was lost today,” said Clement. “This is another grim reminder of the prevailing threat posed by Islamic jihadists, and of the need to stand shoulder- to-shoulder with our allies to step up the fight against this evil scourge.” The Conservative caucus is calling upon the Government of Canada to work with consular officials in Jakarta to assist the family of the Canadian victim. It is also asking the Liberal Government to provide Canadians a clear indication of its plan to fight ISIS, including the Royal Canadian Air Force maintaining its air strikes in Iraq and Syria alongside our coalition allies.