“Due to uncertainty around COVID-19 restrictions and public health guidelines in the coming months, the Conservative Party’s National Council voted to hold the previously scheduled in-person convention as a virtual convention.

“With the decision to move the convention to a virtual one, the Party will now host the convention earlier than the re-scheduled date of August 2021. The Conservative Party National Policy Convention will now take place on March 18 to 20, 2021 exclusively online.

“Holding the convention earlier allows for the Party to gather member’s feedback and build that into a platform for the next election. In a minority Parliament, the next election could come at any time, and holding the convention later risks having an election before we can gather views from our membership.

“National Council sent a survey in the summer asking for feedback around potential convention options depending on the circumstances around public health restrictions, and there was strong member support for a virtual convention if a large gathering like our traditional conventions would not be possible under those restrictions.

“This upcoming virtual convention in March will feature all the same highlights from conventions of past including constitutional and policy voting, National Council elections, training sessions, guest speakers, and much more.

“We’re looking forward to having an in-person convention again in the future, and National Council decided the next convention in 2023 will take place in Quebec City.

“Until then, we’re looking forward to seeing everyone at the virtual convention, and ensuring our leader, Erin O’Toole, is armed with all the feedback from members he needs to build a platform that shows Canadians we’re a clear alternative to these Trudeau Liberals, and we will bring back the ethical, compassionate, and intelligent government Canada deserves.”