Ottawa, ON – The Hon. Erin O’Toole, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and the Official Opposition, issued the following statement in support of the Asian community, in particular the Chinese community, following the rise of anti-Asian hate:
“Since COVID-19 began, there have been hundreds of terrible incidents of hate toward Canadians of Asian descent. These attacks go against everything we stand for as Canadians – and they must end.
“Communities are concerned about online incitement of hatred and violence. We support efforts to combat online extremism and believe anyone inciting or proposing acts of violence should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
“Canada’s Conservatives celebrate Chinese culture, history, values, and recognize the many contributions Chinese Canadians have made to our great country. Canadians can be proud of their Chinese ancestry and highlight the bad conduct of the Chinese Communist Party.
“In China, the Chinese people are the primary victims of the Chinese Communist Party’s oppression of basic freedoms and abuse of human rights.
“Canada’s Conservatives salute the contributions of the Chinese community in Canada, recognizing they face discrimination from both white nationalists and from Chinese state-backed entities who seek to compel and intimidate the Chinese community to advance their agenda.
“We will continue to fight foreign state-backed interference, defend the right of free speech, and stand with Hong Kong as they defend democracy. With our many shared values, Canada’s Conservatives remain strong and true friends of the Chinese people.”


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