Moncton, NB – The Honourable Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and of the Official Opposition, released the following statement on next week’s emergency Ethics Committee meeting regarding Trudeau’s SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal:
“This week’s Ethics Commissioner report into the SNC-Lavalin scandal revealed that what took place between Justin Trudeau and SNC-Lavalin and the former Attorney General was far worse than anyone originally thought.
“Trudeau and SNC-Lavalin were in this from the very beginning. And Trudeau himself waged a sustained campaign of misinformation, deceit, and manipulation to cover up the truth from Canadians.
“Next week, the House of Commons Ethics Committee will meet to decide whether or not to further investigative these new revelations.  It will be up to the Liberal majority on this committee to decide if an investigation will take place.
“Today I am calling on the six Liberal members of the Ethics Committee to do the right thing and allow this investigation to proceed. So to MPs Frank Baylis, Mona Fortier, Michel Picard, Raj Saini, Anita Vandenbeld, and Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, I say this:
“Your leader has betrayed your trust. He has told falsehoods to you and to this country. This Wednesday, you have a choice to make. You can be complicit in this cover-up and stand by a leader who has deceived Canadians. Or you can put Canada first and shine a light on the truth. Your first duty is not to the Liberal Party, it is to Canadians.
“A Prime Minister who so willingly deceives and breaks the law simply can’t be entrusted with the duties and responsibilities of that office.
“Starting today, I am launching a grassroots campaign to encourage Canadians to urge these six Liberal Members of Parliament to put their country before their party and to vote to let the Ethics Committee do its work. We will be communicating directly with Canadians to get them to contact these MPs.
“In 2015, Justin Trudeau promised he would be ethical and accountable. And every day since then, he has proven that he is not as advertised. Time and time again, he has abused the power of his office to reward his supporters and punish his critics. So it’s time for the Liberals on the Ethics Committee to make a stand. Do what is right – and do what Canadians expect of you.”


You can watch Mr. Scheer’s press conference here.

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