Ottawa – The Hon. Rona Ambrose, Leader of the Official Opposition and Interim Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, released the following statement regarding January 11, Sir John A. Macdonald Day: “It is a great pleasure to encourage all Canadians to celebrate Sir John A. Macdonald Day. Sir John A., an immigrant to our shores like so many millions in our own era, sought and found opportunity in what was to become Canada. In a land divided by race, religion and geography, the Father of Confederation succeeded where others previously failed and united our land in 1867.” “With skill and political force he brought together French and English, Catholic and Protestant, extended the vote to Aboriginal Canadians and fought for women’s voting rights. While far from perfect, Sir John A., the founder of our party, further united Canadians with the Canadian Pacific Railway and lived to see a trans-continental Canada that extended his inclusive vision for Canada from coast-to-coast.” “As Canada’s 150th birthday approaches, we recognize Sir John A.’s dedication to Canada and his accomplishments as a key part of our shared history.”