OTTAWA, ON – Statement by the Hon. Peter Kent following the Iranian regime’s attempted ballistic missile tests: “Iran continues to defy UN Resolution 2231 which bans the regime from testing ballistic missiles. “Western intelligence agencies confirm that Iran unsuccessfully attempted to launch a new long-range missile, based on North Korean technology, July 11. “The ballistic missile test coincided, within days, with the anniversary of the P5+1 nuclear agreement. It is believed to be the fourth violation of the ballistic missile test ban. “Also in mid-July, a spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran announced that Iranian nuclear scientists are now testing a new generation of uranium-enriching centrifuges. “Although Iran is currently seen by some to be complying with the nuclear agreement, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said July 13th that Iran could quickly restart uranium enrichment if the United States ‘fails to meet its commitments’. “Under the previous government we regularly stated that Iran, as a state sponsor of terror, should be judged by its actions, not its words. It now appears the regime’s intent and actions are to regularly violate the P5+1 agreement. “As Iran continues to support proxy terrorist entities with the ultimate intent to destroy Israel, the Official Opposition reminds Canadians that this is the regime with which the Liberal government wants to “normalize” relations. The Conservative Party wholeheartedly rejects any normalization of relations with this listed state sponsor of terror