OTTAWA, ON – Official Opposition Foreign Affairs critic, the Honourable Peter Kent, issued the following statement on the events that continue to occur in post-coup Turkey: “Canadians recognize the challenges facing the Turkish government in re-establishing order following events of July 15th and 16th. “However, reports of President Erdogan’s crackdown in the wake of the attempted coup are alarming. His actions go beyond the already troubling pre-coup restrictions of Turkey’s opposition media and the widespread denial of fundamental human rights of freedom of expression, association, and freedom of assembly. The post-coup purge of the judiciary, army, government officials, academics, and clerics involves tens of thousands of Turkish citizens. “While the attempted coup was an affront to Turkish democracy, Canada must now speak out loudly against the unjustified and extreme actions by President Erdogan, and insist that his escalating repression of democratically-voiced dissent and the threatened restoration of the death penalty cease immediately.”