OTTAWA, ON – The Honourable Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and of the Official Opposition, today issued the following statement on the Liberal government’s intention to sign Canada on to the United Nations’ Global Compact for Migration:

“Despite the mess he has created at Canada’s border with the United States, Justin Trudeau has signalled his intention to sign Canada onto the United Nations’ Global Compact for Migration next week in Morocco.

“Conservatives have always stood up for secure borders and a safe and orderly immigration system. That’s why we’ve demanded Trudeau take action to fix this mess. We believe Canada must be in control of our borders and have full autonomy over who enters our country.

“It is for that same reason that we strongly oppose Canada signing on to the UN Global Compact for Migration. Canadians – and Canadians only – should make decisions on who comes into the country and under what circumstances, not foreign entities like the UN.

“Instead of committing Canada to multinational migration agreements which infringe on our interests, the Prime Minister should instead focus on fixing the mess he created at the Canada-US border.

“Last week, the Parliamentary Budget Officer confirmed that, if left unaddressed, this crisis will cost taxpayers $1.1 billion by 2020, not including the hundreds of millions of dollars incurred by the provinces. It has already caused lengthy delays in the immigration system and uncertainty for those who choose to enter Canada legally.

“If Justin Trudeau proceeds with his plan, a Conservative government will withdraw Canada from the UN Global Compact for Migration.

“Conservatives have a strong track record of capably and compassionately managing our immigration system by putting the world’s most vulnerable first.

“Under my leadership, a new Conservative government will focus on restoring order and fairness to Canada’s immigration system.”


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