Ottawa, Ontario – Today, Official Opposition Health Critic, the Hon. Dr. Kellie Leitch, released the following statement in response to the City of Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health’s report recommending multiple Supervised Injection Sites in Toronto:”As the Official Opposition we are very concerned about what this report might mean for the law-abiding residents of Toronto. The drugs that are used at these sites, mostly heroin, are dangerous and addictive. “Our previous Conservative Government passed the Respect for Communities Act that ensures public consultations are held before any injection sites are approved and that everyone gets a say regarding what happens in their community: police, neighbourhood groups, public health organizations, the province, and the municipality. “Drugs like heroin are dangerous and addictive which is why we believe that every effort should be made to help people get off of drugs and live healthy and productive lives. That is why our previous Conservative Government invested close to $500 million per year in our anti-drug strategy, including programs for treatment and support to help those in need to get off of drugs. “If the City of Toronto decides to move forward with an exception application to the Federal Minister of Health and open injection sites, we as the Official Opposition encourage them to conduct rigorous, public consultation as per the requirements of the Respect for Communities Act. They must be clear that they will continue to live by the Respect for Communities Act.”