Ottawa, ON – Cory Hann, Director of Communications for the Conservative Party of Canada, issued the following statement: “We recently cited a report that claimed that Environment Minister Catherine McKenna had spent over $10,000 on vanity photos in Paris last year. “The government department first reported that the amount was $6,662. It then mistakenly said that figure was in Euros, which would have made the total $10,681, which is the number we used. However they have since clarified that the real, true, actual amount was $6,792.91 in Canadian dollars. “They have also confirmed that Catherine McKenna has spent over $17,000 on vanity photos since taking office less than 10 months ago. “The error is regrettable. Our records will be updated to show that Liberal Minister has charged taxpayers $17,000 for vanity photos. “We apologize for any confusion.”