August 15, 2021

Ottawa, ON – The Honourable Erin O’Toole, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives, issued the following statement to celebrate the National Acadian Day:

“Every year, on August 15, Acadians celebrate their culture, heritage and traditions. It is also to the sound of pans, whistles, and horns that they affirm their presence in Acadia with the Grand Tintamarre. Celebrating Acadia means celebrating four centuries of history. Four centuries of battles, struggles, demands, but also victories. Although National Acadian Day is different again this year, joy and pride will always be present, rain or shine.

“Again, this year, Acadians have shown courage and resilience! Above all, they have shown solidarity with their families, their communities, their loved ones and their friends.

“Yes, the past year has been very difficult, but Acadians have never given up. They can be proud of that. I have always admired their determination to resist and defend themselves. Their fight to protect their language, their identity and their history is noteworthy. Acadian culture is both a pillar of the Francophonie and of the Canadian identity.

“On behalf of Canada’s Conservatives, as well as my own, I wish you a happy National Acadian Day.”