August 29, 2019
For immediate release

Toronto, ON – Today, the Hon. Andrew Scheer, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, issued the following statement on Justin Trudeau’s refusal to participate in leaders’ debates:

“Canadians will have a clear choice to make this October.
Between a new Conservative government that will live within its means and put more money in your pockets so you can get ahead.

“And a re-elected Liberal government under Justin Trudeau, who has spent the last four years making your life more expensive while enriching his friends and punishing his critics.

“Trudeau can’t run on his record. He can’t possibly defend all of his broken promises, massive deficits, tax increases, and ethics scandals.

“That’s why he’s dredging up divisive social issues trying to distract Canadians from his litany of failures. That’s why he’s running away from the debate stage this fall.

“These debates will shape how Canadians make their decision at the ballot box. Trudeau is trying to shut them down because he’s afraid to defend his record.

“By refusing to attend these debates, Trudeau wants to force their cancellation, and rob Canadians of an opportunity to see him held to account. This is wrong and it shows a lack of leadership.

“So I urge Justin Trudeau to show some courage and to show up. To defend his record and his decisions over the last four years.

“Trudeau said he would be open and accountable. By running and hiding from these debates, he is showing once again that he is not as advertised.”


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Cory Hann
Director of Communications
Conservative Party of Canada
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