Ottawa, ON – The Honourable Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and the Official Opposition, issued a statement following the release of the Parliamentary Budget Officer’s report on the cost of illegal border crossings to Canadian taxpayers:

“Today’s report from the Parliamentary Budget Officer sheds new light on the crisis situation at Canada’s border with the United States that has seen 38,000 people enter Canada illegally since 2017.

“Justin Trudeau’s failure to address the crisis he has created has real consequences for Canadians and this report brings those consequences into sharp focus.

“In addition to the social and human costs of lengthy delays in the system and ongoing uncertainty for legal asylum seekers, we now know the financial cost to taxpayers.

“The PBO’s numbers show that the cost of accommodating one illegal border crosser is more than the gross annual income of a Canadian minimum wage worker. And by March 2020, if Justin Trudeau continues to do nothing to address this crisis, it will cost Canadians at least $1.1 billion – not including the hundreds of millions in extra costs to the provinces.

“That’s $1.1 billion of unbudgeted money that won’t be spent on the priorities of Canadians. Again, this is a failure that has real and direct consequences for Canadians.”

“In the coming days, Conservatives will write to the Auditor General to request an investigation into the Trudeau government’s mismanagement of the illegal border crossing crisis.

“His failure to secure our borders has consequences for Canadians both in terms of security and cost and they deserve to know the total impact of that failure.”


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