Halifax, NS: Today, Conservative Party Leader and Leader of the Official Opposition Andrew Scheer released the following statement on birth tourism in Canada: “This weekend, Conservative Party members debated and passed a policy related to a Liberal MP’s petition calling for the end of birth tourism in Canada. “This is a practice that has received increasing attention from Canadian media in recent months. “Our Shadow Minister for Immigration Michelle Rempel will soon begin her Pathways to Canada tour, during which she and other Conservative MPs will meet with stakeholders and policymakers to provide input on new Conservative immigration policy. “While the policy passed did not clearly focus on ending the practice of birth tourism, ending birth tourism will be among the objectives of our policy. “Conservatives recognize there are many Canadians who have been born in Canada by parents who have come here to stay and have contributed greatly to our country. I will not end the core policy that facilitates this. Unlike Justin Trudeau, I will safeguard it against abuse. “A Conservative government will restore order, fairness, and compassion to Canada’s immigration system.” -30- **For more information:** Daniel Schow – (613) 286-1050 – [email protected] Virginie Bonneau – (613) 294-8150 – [email protected]