OTTAWA, ON – The Honourable Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and the Official Opposition, issued a statement following the Alberta government’s decision this evening to cap oil production to address the crisis in its energy sector:

“The situation in Alberta’s energy sector has become a national economic crisis. A severe lack of pipeline capacity – a direct result of Justin Trudeau’s failures on several major pipeline projects – has led to a sharp decline in the value of Alberta’s resource that is threatening tens of thousands of jobs.

“This has forced Alberta to take matters into its own hands. Premier Rachel Notley’s drastic and extraordinary announcement this evening lies squarely at the feet of Justin Trudeau.

“It should never have come to this. Justin Trudeau personally killed the Northern Gateway pipeline with the stroke of a pen. He effectively vetoed the Energy East pipeline with last-minute regulatory changes. And his deliberate strategy to delay and obstruct the Trans Mountain Expansion has put that project in peril. If these three critical projects had been allowed to proceed, Alberta would not be facing the crisis it is today.

“Conservatives have been fighting every single day for the thousands of Alberta energy workers already out of work because of Justin Trudeau’s failures and the thousands more anxious that tomorrow may be their last day on the job. For their sake, we hope the cap on oil production will help lead to a resolution of this crisis.

“However, it is in no way a permanent solution. This crisis was created by the federal government and it alone has the power to fix it. I repeat my call for Justin Trudeau to kill the no-more-pipelines Bill C-69, cancel his carbon tax, and end the shipping ban in British Columbia. Further, he must establish firm approvals timelines, invoke constitutional authority to build major projects, and eliminate foreign interference in the approvals process.

“If he does not take these immediate steps, he will be even more responsible than he already is for the crisis in the energy sector.”


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