The Hon. Rona Ambrose, the Leader of the Official Opposition, issues statement to mark Journey to Freedom Day Ottawa – April 30, 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE “Today, Canadians will mark the third annual Journey to Freedom Day. On this day, we commemorate the thousands of Vietnamese refugees, also known as ‘boat people’, Canada has welcomed since the end of the Vietnam War. In addition, we remember the tragic events surrounding the mass departure of millions of Vietnamese people after the fall of Saigon on April 30th, 1975. “‘The Journey to Freedom Day Act’ was enacted under the previous Conservative government. It was first introduced in the Senate of Canada by the Honourable Senator Thanh Hai Ngo. “On this day, we commemorate the extraordinary story of triumph over adversity. Millions of Vietnamese people lost their freedom and their homes, and fled their homes and their livelihoods to make the perilous journey to freedom. Thousands perished at sea. We will never forget those who were lost. “Furthermore, we pay tribute to the generosity of Canadians who played a vital role in assisting with the settlement of Vietnamese refugees through the private sponsorship programs. In total, over 120,000 refugees were welcomed into Canada. As we have done in the past, and continue to do today, Canadians always respond with open arms to those in need. “On behalf of the Official Opposition and the Conservative Party of Canada, I’m proud to recognize the incredible contributions of Vietnamese Canadians, and of all ‘boat people’ who came to Canada in search of hope, opportunity, and a better life.” -30- For more information: Mike Storeshaw (613) 222-7484 [email protected] Anthony Farrow (613)-292-2187 [email protected]