_Rona Ambrose, Interim Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and Leader of the Official Opposition, issued the following statement on Father’s Day._ “Today is a special day dedicated to all the fathers and grandfathers across Canada who do so much to support their families and communities. “There are few roles more important than being a great dad. We all know a caring father who has dedicated himself to helping his children be the best they can be, while providing unconditional love and support. “For my family, today is a chance to reflect on how lucky we are that my dad, Jim, is healthy and still a loving presence in our lives. He and my Mom even celebrated their 50th anniversary recently! “Dad is a cancer survivor, and I’m constantly inspired by the strength and determination he showed during that fight. More than that, my Dad always taught me to be tough and believe in myself when confronted with life’s challenges. It’s a lesson that I’ve turned to time and time again over a career in public life. “That is what our dads do best – they impart the guidelines, lessons and values that we will carry through the rest of our lives. “Today and every day, let’s show our gratitude to those dads and father figures in our lives who have provided a role model for how to be better people and citizens. “On behalf of the Official Opposition, I wish all families across Canada a Happy Father’s Day.”