Rona Ambrose, Leader of the Official Opposition issues statement honouring the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred OTTAWA –February 20, 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Rona Ambrose, Interim Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and Leader of the Official Opposition, issued the following statement honouring the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred “Today, Ukrainians honour the lives of the men and women who died on Kyiv’s Independence Square (Maidan) during the Revolution of Dignity in 2014. “Over the harsh winter of 2013-14, Ukrainians protested against tyranny and corruption, in response to their government’s abandonment of plans for closer relations with Europe.“These protests broadened into a movement to defend Ukraine’s sovereignty, and to demand the government treat Ukrainians with the dignity they were due as citizens. “As the movement spread, the government responded with violence, including the use of hired gangs, kidnapping and torture. In February of 2014, events came to a climax when police snipers opened fire against protestors, killing dozens. Following the failure of this crackdown, the government fled in disgrace, and democratic elections were held. “The men and women who sacrificed their lives on the Maidan have become known as the Heavenly Hundred (Небесна Сотня). Their courage, fortitude and patriotism are an inspiration to all struggling for freedom and dignity around the world. “The years since Maidan have tested the Ukrainian people, but in their fight, they have no better friend than Canada. Canadians are proud of our long and enduring friendship with Ukraine, from being the first western country to recognize Ukraine’s independence, to our stalwart defence of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity against Russia’s illegal aggression. “Conservatives have been clear: now is not the time to step back. Ukrainians need our support now more than ever. Canada must stand with Ukraine.” “Slava Ukrayini! Heroyam slava!” -30- For more information: Mike Storeshaw (613) 222-7484 [email protected] Anthony Farrow (613) 292-2187 [email protected]