The Hon. Andrew Scheer, the Leader of Canada’s Conservatives, issues statement on Poland’s Constitution Day

MAY 3, 2018


OTTAWA, ON – The Hon. Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives, issues statement on Poland’s Constitution Day:

“Today, I offer my congratulations to Polish Canadians and Poles around the world, on Poland’s Constitution Day.

“On May 3, 1791 Poland adopted its first Constitution, a milestone in the advancement of Polish liberty and freedom. “While the application of this new Constitution was interrupted by war and foreign occupation, it was nonetheless a key moment in Polish history. The celebration of Constitution Day was banned under the communist regime, but restored following Poland’s transition to democracy, and is now widely celebrated across Poland and by Poles living abroad.

“Once separated by an Iron Curtain, today Canada and Poland enjoy positive and longstanding friendly relations. Over one million Canadians trace their heritage back to Poland.

“Indeed, just yesterday we marked Polish Diaspora Day and the Flag Day of the Republic of Poland.

“On these occasions, we reflect on the numerous achievements and contributions of the Polish community to building a strong and prosperous Canada. I have tremendous admiration for the dynamic and hardworking members of our Polish Canadian community.

“On behalf of Canada’s Conservatives, please accept my best wishes to every member of the Polish Canadian community from coast to coast celebrating these wonderful holidays.”


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