Life in the North is expensive.

The cost of living is leaving more and more Canadians behind.

That’s why we’re doubling the residency deduction.

And we’re expanding the program to cover more Canadians.

  • Double the residency deduction, which has not increased since 2016, to recognize the rising cost of living in the north.
  • Supporting northern infrastructure with a large-scale project to provide clean power to the Yukon, developed in partnership with the Government of the Yukon.
  • Respect for Northerners by ensuring that decisions about development in the north will be made by northerners, not by Ottawa.
  • Supporting life in the north by implementing a Northern Housing Strategy built on providing the territories with their fair shares of federal housing funding.
  • Childcare that recognizes work isn’t just 9-5 and emphasizes flexibility for parents and caregivers.

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