OTTAWA – Canada’s Official Opposition Conservatives today called on Prime Minister Trudeau and the Liberal government to commit to a debate and vote in Parliament on any changes in the mission against ISIS. “We heard from the Prime Minister almost immediately following the election that he told President Obama that Canada would be pulling out of the allied air strike mission against ISIS,” said Rona Ambrose, Official Opposition Leader. “Today, I’m asking the Prime Minister to follow the leadership of Conservatives on this issue, and commit to a debate and vote on any changes to the mission against ISIS.” Earlier this year, the previous Conservative government brought forward a motion to Parliament on the deployment of Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18s to fight the presence of ISIS throughout the Middle East and to stand firm with our allies in opposition to the unspeakable atrocities being carried out against innocent women, children and men. “Our Conservative government made it a point to be transparent in our intent to stand up for those who were being terrorized by ISIS. That`s why we asked Parliament to debate and vote on the mission,” said Tony Clement, Member of Parliament for Parry Sound-Muskoka. “Since the Prime Minister has been clear on his plans to withdraw Canadian Forces from the region, we demand that the Government have Parliament debate and vote on the matter when the House resumes.” Clement concluded, “Canada has a role to play in the degrading of ISIS, and has rightly been providing both military aid and humanitarian aid. We need to do both. Sitting on the sidelines, and allowing our allies to do the heavy lifting should not be an option, and should never be an option.”