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How long do you think an individual should need to have held a Conservative Party of Canada membership in order to vote in their riding’s nomination contest?*
If a nomination applicant was an unsuccessful candidate in two or more federal general elections, do you think the Conservative Party of Canada should require them to seek a special circumstance waiver from the Executive Director and the President of the National Council in order to apply to be a nomination candidate again?*
If a nomination candidate violates the Conservative Party of Canada’s Nomination Rules and Procedures, should this be grounds for immediate disqualification, in order to maintain the integrity of our nomination contest?*
In some provinces, like Ontario and Alberta, provincial conservative Party Leaders can appoint a set number of candidates when deemed to be in the best interest of their Party. Should the Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, in limited circumstances, be allowed to appoint candidates?*
If yes, how many candidates should the Leader be able to appoint?
Should the Conservative Party of Canada put in place an expedited nomination process for 2021 candidates who are deemed to have performed well in the election by the Executive Director and their Electoral District Association President?*
In 2021, the length of time it took to execute a single nomination contest from start to finish caused late nominations to occur. Being that we are in minority government, with the next election as early as 18 months from now, should the Conservative Party of Canada’s National Council create an accelerated nomination timeline to avoid delays and ensure that our Electoral District Associations find and nominate strong candidates with as much time as possible to put together effective campaigns?*
If the Conservative Party of Canada finds that a candidate has been dishonest to any degree in their nomination application (i.e., about inappropriate social media posts, criminal history, financial propriety etc.) should they be automatically removed as a candidate?*
Do you think nomination applicants should continue to have to provide a good conduct bond to ensure they adhere to the Conservative Party’s Candidate Nomination Rules and Procedures? The bond is currently $1,000.*
In order to qualify as a candidate, do you think nomination applicants should have to make the maximum yearly donation to the Electoral District Association in the riding they intend to run?*
How many nomination petition signatures, from current Conservative Party members who reside in the riding in which an applicant wishes to run, should an applicant have to provide as a part of the nomination application process?*
How would you prefer to be notified about the opening and closing of your riding’s nomination process?*
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