Ottawa, ON – James Cumming, Shadow Minister for Innovation, Science, and Industry, released the following statement calling on the new Industry Minister to fix the failed Liberal innovation program:

“The Liberal innovation program has been a failure. Like too many Liberal promises, it is more focused on slogans than creating jobs.

“The recently released PBO report makes it clear that the Liberals’ Supercluster program will not grow the economy or increase innovation in Canada. The Trudeau Liberals have spent more money on administrative costs than on creating jobs.

“This program is just another example of an unproven Liberal experiment that continues to waste money. Not only that, it is failing to meet its targets.

“When will the new Industry Minister fix this failed program and put forward a plan that will actually create jobs?

“While the Liberals continue to pick winners and losers with their failed innovation program, Conservatives are focused on securing jobs for Canadians.”


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