Ottawa, ON – Randy Hoback, Conservative Shadow Minister for International Trade and Supply Chain Resilience, issued the following statement regarding his trip with other Opposition Members and Minister Ng to Washington, DC:

“Today, I am headed to Washington as part of a Canadian delegation to begin the work of rebuilding our relationship in order to secure Canadian jobs.

“Just this year, the United States has doubled tariffs on softwood lumber, put in place stringent Buy America policies threatening Canadian jobs, launched trade disputes against our agriculture sector, and cancelled pipeline projects. It’s clear Canada’s relationship with the United States has declined under Mr. Trudeau, hurting cross-border businesses and threatening Canadian jobs.

“Canada’s Conservatives believe we need to repair the damage the Prime Minister has created with our closest ally and trading partner in order to protect Canadian jobs. That means taking a clear and strong stand with the Biden administration to tackle the U.S. protectionist policies and deliver tangible results for Canadian workers. We will be the voice of the millions of Canadians left behind in Justin Trudeau’s economy.”