OTTAWA, ON – Blaine Calkins, Member of Parliament for Red Deer–Lacombe will be debating in the House of Commons today his Private Member’s Bill C-406 to amend the Canada Elections Act to prohibit foreign contributions to third parties for election advertising purposes.

“Conservatives believe that Canada’s elections should be decided by Canadian voters, without any influence or interference from foreign entities,” said Calkins. “Unfortunately, when the Trudeau government rushed through their partisan elections Bill C-76 in December they left our democratic process wide open to foreign interference. That’s why I introduced Bill C-406 to prevent foreign entities from donating to domestic third-party groups for elections advertising purposes at any time.”

The Trudeau Liberals opposed Conservative attempts to include strong measures against foreign influence and interference in Bill C-76. As a result, foreign entities are currently contributing millions of dollars to Canadian registered third parties who use that foreign funding for election advertising to influence Canadian voters. This means that right up until the day before our elections begin, foreign entities are free to influence them through their donations.

Bill C-406 will close the loophole so that foreign entities are prohibited from contributing to any Canadian third party for election advertising purposes at any time. This bill will also require third-party groups to return or forfeit all illegal funds received from any foreign donor.

“Despite the Trudeau government’s attempt to rig the election in their favour, Bill C-406 will protect Canada’s electoral process, which is vital to our democracy,” said Calkins. “I hope that all Members of Parliament will support this important legislation to close the loophole for foreign funding in Canadian elections.”


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