Selkirk, MB – James Bezan, Shadow Minister for National Defence, issued a statement on the release of the United States’ 2019 Missile Defence Review:

“Yesterday, the United States released the 2019 Missile Defence Review and opened the door for joint ballistic missile defence between Canada and the United States, marking an important opportunity to enhance national security interests between our two countries. The review categorizes the current threat environment as rapidly evolving and markedly more dangerous than past years.

“Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau has failed to prioritize the national security of Canada with his cuts to defence spending, the mismanagement of key procurement projects, and by ignoring major foreign threats in his defence policy review. Furthermore, Trudeau’s empty rhetoric that ‘Canada is back’ is contrasted by our deteriorating place on the global stage. Trudeau’s mishandling of important relationships with the United States, India, China, and others has consequences for Canada in a time of escalating global threats.

“Conservatives remain committed to protecting Canada from these threats and we cannot place sole responsibility on the United States to come to our defence in the event of a missile attack. That is why an Andrew Scheer government would prioritize the modernization and expansion of NORAD to include Canada in ballistic missile defence. As a partner in NORAD for over 60 years, Canada must continually work with our allies to modernize the world’s strongest defence partnership.

“Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives will continue to prioritize our national defence and security and we will hold the Trudeau government accountable for failing to take any concrete action for the security of Canada.”


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