Thetford Mines, QC – Luc Berthold, Conservative Shadow Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, released the following statement regarding compensation for Canada’s supply-managed sectors:

“It is shameful that it has taken four years for Justin Trudeau to come forward with the same plan that our previous Conservative government put in place.

“The reason the Trudeau Liberals are announcing this support today is not because they support Canada’s supply managed sectors, but because the federal election is just weeks away. If Justin Trudeau really supported Canada’s supply managed sectors, he would have announced compensation years ago, not right before an election, and when he and his government are mired in scandal.

“It is clear that Justin Trudeau’s support for Canada’s egg, poultry and dairy producers is not as advertised.

“Conservatives have always understood the importance of Canada’s supply managed sectors to the Canadian economy. A Conservative government, led by Prime Minister Andrew Scheer, will continue to stand up for milk, egg, and poultry producers and put the interest of farm families first.” 


For more information:

Office of Luc Berthold, M.P.
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