Ottawa, ON – Luc Berthold, Conservative Shadow Minister for Treasury Board, Pierre Paul-Hus, Conservative Shadow Minister for Public Services and Procurement, and Kelly McCauley, Conservative Member of Parliament for Edmonton West, released the following statement on the Liberal government’s refusal to release key COVID-19 spending information:
“The Liberals are continuing their pattern of hiding information from Canadians. This time, they are refusing to tell Canadians where their tax dollars are being spent.
“Conservatives passed a motion at the Government Operations Committee calling on the Trudeau government to release key COVID-19 spending information. Yesterday, the Liberals made it clear that they would not release this information.
“Justin Trudeau now holds the record for the longest period without an economic plan, and recently, the Parliamentary Budget Officer slammed the Liberals for not being transparent with taxpayers on government spending. The failure to release this COVID-19 spending information is just another example of Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government failing to be transparent with taxpayers.
“Taxpayers have a right to know where and what their money is being spent on. Conservatives call on the Liberal government to respect Canadians and immediately release this key spending information.”


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