Ottawa, ON — Kyle Seeback, Conservative Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change, issued the following statement in response to the government leaving out nuclear and liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Canada’s path to a lower-carbon future:

“This month, the Liberal government blocked nuclear and LNG projects from accessing funding under the new Green Bond framework. This signals that the Liberals are allowing the activist intentions of Minister Steven Guilbeault to interfere with common sense and climate science. 

“This ideology-based exclusion of two of Canada’s most abundant sources of low- to no- carbon fuels flies in the face of science and is an insult to 76,000 Canadian workers who work in nuclear, and the thousands more working in LNG.

“The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently called for an increase in nuclear power to avoid catastrophic climate impacts, recognising nuclear as a zero-emission energy source. LNG is a widely accepted transitionary fuel which will help replace the usage of higher carbon-emitting fuels here at home and all over the world.

“Together, these important energy sources meet all environmental, social, and governance investment criteria yet the Minister excluded them. Conservatives believe these energy sources must play a role in the future of Canada’s emissions reduction plan and the global path to a lower-carbon future.

“We are calling on the Liberal government to put our lower carbon future ahead of their activist ideology and to allow nuclear and LNG projects to benefit from the proceeds of Green Bonds.”