Ottawa, ON – Marilyn Gladu, Shadow Minister for Health and Alex Nuttall, Shadow Minister for Youth, Sports and Persons with Disability, issued a statement regarding Justin Trudeau’s failure to take action on the opioid crisis:

“Today, there will be a take-note debate in the House of Commons regarding the opioid crisis facing Canada. Conservatives demanded this debate take place in order to bring more attention and awareness to an issue that is of national importance.

“Opioid overdoses are the cause of more and more deaths across Canada. To date, Justin Trudeau has failed to provide leadership on issues of addictions in Canada. This issue is far too important to ignore and Canadians from coast to coast are calling on this government to take action now.

“Conservatives believe that, given the opportunity and appropriate supports, Canadians who suffer from addiction have the ability to recover. We call on Justin Trudeau to bring forward a comprehensive, recovery-oriented plan to tackle Canada’s addiction crisis.”


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Office of Marilyn Gladu, MP
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Office of Alex Nuttall, MP
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