Ottawa, ON – Today, Stephanie Kusie, Conservative Shadow Minister for Transport, and Tony Baldinelli, Special Advisor to the Conservative Leader on Tourism Recovery, joined representatives from the aviation sector to call on the Trudeau government to include supports in the upcoming budget for workers in industries heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Recently, Conservatives passed an Opposition Day Motion in the House of Commons calling on Justin Trudeau to support workers in heavily impacted sectors in the upcoming budget. While the Liberal’s shamefully voted against supporting workers, Justin Trudeau must follow through and support the workers in the highly affected tourism and aviation industries. 

“Workers in the tourism and aviation sectors are some of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, but have seen almost no support from the Liberal government. Prime Minister Trudeau needs to finally take action and provide airline workers with a robust recovery strategy and sector-specific support in the upcoming budget. The hardworking Canadians in these sectors have been waiting for support for far too long.”

Stephanie Kusie 
Conservative Shadow Minister for Transport

“For over a year now, Canada’s Conservatives have been calling on this Liberal government to do more to support those businesses and workers in our travel and tourism industry that have been hardest hit this pandemic. The lack of federal leadership and the failure of this government to respond to COVID-19 has led many in the sector to fear they will lose their second consecutive summer tourism season. Conservatives are calling on the Trudeau government to finally provide supports to those most in need.”

Tony Baldinelli 
Special Advisor to the Conservative Leader on Tourism Recovery

“Our pilots have been without work for more than a year due directly to the Liberal government’s inaction and politicking. Our pilots and industry workers need real, sustained financial support through a recovery, job protection and a plan for returning to normal. Our whole country needs a pathway out of COVID restrictions so that we can rejoin the world and return to normal as quickly as possible.”         

Barret Armann 
President Unifor Local 7378 Sunwing Pilots


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