OTTAWA, ON – The Hon. Lisa Raitt, Deputy Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and Shadow Minister for Justice, issued a statement following the passing of Bill C-75:
“With the passage of Bill C-75, the Liberals’ soft on crime bill, Justin Trudeau has weakened Canada’s justice system. This is a dangerous piece of legislation which waters down penalties for over one hundred serious crimes. Dangerous criminals should not be getting fines for serious offences like gang crime, using the date rape drug, and impaired driving causing bodily harm.
“Victims groups and law enforcement agencies from coast to coast have opposed Bill C-75 from the very beginning. Justin Trudeau continues to show that keeping Canadians safe is not a priority for him.
“This Liberal government refuses to take violent crime seriously. Canadians deserve better than a Prime Minister who prioritizes the rights of criminals over the rights of victims. An Andrew Scheer government will always put the rights of victims and law-abiding Canadians ahead of the rights of criminals.”


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