November 21, 2018

Ottawa, ON – Garnett Genuis, Deputy Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, issued a statement following the Trudeau Liberals’ decision to delay Bill S-240, an Act to amend the Criminal Code to prevent the trafficking of human organs:

“For the past ten years, parliamentarians from different political parties have attempted to pass legislation to prevent the egregious human rights violation of organ harvesting and trafficking. Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are failing to do their part to ensure this critical legislation is passed by dragging out debate.

“Victims and human rights advocates have waited long enough for the Government of Canada to act. The Trudeau Liberals’ delay on this bill increases the risk that the bill will not pass this Parliament, and therefore victims will have to wait much longer to see action on this issue.

“Vulnerable minorities are being killed in order for their organs to be harvested. It has been ten years since the first of four bills was proposed on this, and victims have been waiting long enough for governments to take action.

“While it’s extremely disappointing to see the Trudeau government engage in delay tactics on legislative debate, Bill S-240 is an important step towards ending this unspeakable violation of human dignity. I sincerely hope the members will work together going forward to ensure that this bill becomes law before the next election.”


For more information:

Amanda Achtman
Office of MP Garnett Genuis
[email protected]