OTTAWA – Conservative Party Critic for Foreign Affairs, Tony Clement, said today that the Liberal government`s Speech from the Throne is missing many details on how Canada will engage on key issues, including our relationships with Israel and with Iran. “It is disappointing that the Liberals could not provide Canadians the answers to many questions of vital importance to our national interest,” said MP Clement. “The Speech from the Throne is an opportunity to provide a clear indication of the way ahead, but today we are left guessing what Canada’s direction will be on many major issues.” Clement said there was no indication on our role in the mission to combat ISIS, and we are left to question what a “leaner, more agile” military means for our capabilities to support our allies fully. There is still no answer on what the Liberals’ proposed “shift in tone” toward our friend and ally Israel will entail. He said Canadians are still in the dark on the Liberals’ stated intention to “re-engage” with Iran. There was also no rebuke of Russian aggression and annexation in Ukraine, which the Prime Minister recently chalked up to mere “interference.” “Disappointingly, the Speech from the Throne leaves us with no way to determine what Canada`s global affairs policy will be going forward. Canadians deserve these details. Our allies and friends around the world require these details. Canadians can be assured that the Conservative Party will continue to demand answers and hold the Liberal government to account,” said Clement.