OTTAWA – As Members of Parliament prepare to debate the future of Operation Impact later today, Conservative National Defence critic James Bezan and Foreign Affairs critic Tony Clement expressed their concern with the Liberal government’s incoherent approach to combatting ISIS and its overall lack of transparency with regards to Canada’s contribution to the anti-ISIS mission. “Canadians expect the Prime Minister to be completely transparent when it comes to Canada’s military deployments,” said Mr. Bezan. “However, the motion the Government put before Parliament makes no mention of the deployment of four Griffon helicopters, as they withdraw our CF-18 fighter jets.” “This is just further proof of the Liberals’ incoherent strategy in the region and raises serious questions about this government’s ability to combat terrorism at home and abroad,” noted Bezan. Unfortunately, many of these questions may go unanswered as the Liberal government shifts the focus of the mission. “Liberal Ministers seem unfazed by the increased risk the mission entails and have openly acknowledged that Canadian aid dollars may end up supporting ISIS militants,” said Mr. Clement. “When will this government stop putting politics ahead of policy and start supporting our men and women in uniform?”