OTTAWA – Conservative Defence Critic and Member of Parliament for Selkirk-Interlake-Eastman, James Bezan, is again pointing out the mixed messages from the Trudeau Liberals on their plan to withdraw Canada’s CF-18 jets from the air combat mission against ISIS. “The Liberal plan to withdraw our CF-18 Hornets from the fight against ISIS is incoherent and is getting more confusing by the day,” said Bezan. “On one hand we have Defence Minister Sajjan saying our fighter jets may stay as part of the combat mission against ISIS well after the Parliamentary authorization ends at the end of March, 2016. On the other hand, we have Foreign Affairs Minister Dion proclaiming the CF-18s will be home within weeks.” Bezan said the same confusion is also surrounding the future of the training mission being conducted by Canada’s elite Special Operations Forces. He said, “The mixed messages coming from the Trudeau government are extremely difficult to decipher. How many trainers are going to be deployed? Where are they going to be training and what are they going to be doing? On one day, the government says the purpose will be to enhance capabilities of Iraqi Security Forces, and the next day the purpose shifts to police training, and then the day after they’ll be helping to build democratic institutions.” The current tour by Minister Sajjan to Iraq is not providing any further details either, Bezan said. “No one knows what Canada’s future mission against ISIS looks like. Our Canadian Armed Forces don’t know. Our coalition partners don’t know. I don’t think the Liberal government even knows. There is just no plan,” said Bezan. Recent reports are suggesting that the government’s lack of clarity on withdrawing our CF-18 fighter jets and changing training mission is affecting Canada’s international reputation. “We already know that the Kurdistan Regional Government wants Canada to leave the CF-18 jets in the air combat mission since they have ‘helped save lives’ and ‘defeat the enemy’. Now we are learning that the US Department of Defense and US State Department are ‘privately expressing disappointment’ with the Trudeau government decision,” Bezan said. Bezan said, “If Prime Minister Trudeau wants to sit around the camp fire with world leaders, then he better be willing to chop his share of the wood. Again, we call on the government to leave our CF-18s in the fight against ISIS, and clearly explain what Canada’s future contribution to the US-led coalition in the war against ISIS entails.”