Conservative Ethics and Accountability critic Blaine Calkins today wrote to the Public Service Commission due to serious concerns about the Prime Minister’s use of public service resources during the Medicine Hat by-election. He issued the following statement: “It has come to my attention that the Privy Council Office prepared briefing material for the Prime Minister and sent employees at government expense to Medicine Hat during the by-election to provide “technical support for the Prime Minister’s tour.” This is deeply concerning as this visit was not included on the list of the Prime Minister’s official itineraries and appears to contravene the Public Service Employment Act. “Part 7 of the Public Service Employment Act defines political activity as “carrying on any activity in support of, within or in opposition to a political party”. The Prime Minister’s visit was clearly a political activity, rather than official business of the Government of Canada, and as such it was highly inappropriate for Privy Council officials to have provided support. “Therefore, I have written to the Public Service Commission requesting that they conduct a full investigation and take all corrective action necessary.” [A copy of MP Calkins’ letter to the Public Service Commission is attached.](17%2003%2015%20-%20CALKINS%20-%20Letter%20to%20the%20Public%20Service%20Commission_EN.pdf)