Mark Warawa

Mark has a record of strong, proven leadership as MP for Langley for since 2004. Before serving as an MP, Mark served on Abbotsford City Council for 14 years, he was a successful businessman for 25 years and then was the ICBC Road Safety and Loss Prevention Officer in Langley.

Mark and his wife Diane are long-time residents of Langley. They met at Trinity Western University (TWU) and have 5 adult children and 10 grandchildren.


11 years as Member of Parliament for Langley:

  • Mark has brought millions of dollars in funding to support key infrastructure projects in Langley, such as: Aldergrove Border Crossing and Bedford Channel upgrades, rebuilding Nicomekl Bridge and the construction of the Carvolth Bus Exchange
  • Mark successfully introduced The Safe at Home Bill to help protect young victims of sexual assault
  • Mark expanded the Compassionate Care Program to allow patients to choose their care provider
  • Mark’s bill successfully required that vehicle immobilizers are standard equipment in all Canadian vehicles built since 2007, which has dramatically reduced the number of vehicles stolen in Canada.
  • Mark introduced Kassandra’s Law, to calling impaired driving causing death what it is: Vehicular Homicide
  • Mark has successfully partnered with community leaders to promote environmental stewardship through the Langley Environmental Hero Awards


  • Serving and representing the community in Parliament
  • Keeping taxes low for hard-working Canadians
  • Increasing and expanding the Universal Childcare Benefit – helping every Canadian family
  • Creating quality, well-paying jobs
  • Protecting Canadians and keeping our communities safe
  • Protecting our environment
  • Honouring and assisting our Canadian Veterans

I’d love to answer any questions you might have so feel free to contact my campaign team at or call 604-534-1160.