Ruslan Yakoviychuk, candidate for Canada’s Conservatives in Kingston and Islands, released the following statement on a planned Justin Trudeau fundraiser at CFB Kingston:

“At a time when the Prime Minister is telling veterans they’re asking for more than he can give, he seems to have no problem asking veterans to give to him just to attend an event on a Canadian Forces Base where our men and women serve our country.

“If a veteran or serving member of our armed forces wish to see the Prime Minister of Canada, especially when he is on one of our bases, it should not be a requirement for them to first cut a $400 cheque to the Liberal Party of Canada.

“It was unacceptable for Prime Minister Trudeau to tell our veterans they’re asking for more than he can give, and it is especially galling when he then turns around and asks for them to give to him and his re-election efforts. The venue Mr. Trudeau chose to host his fundraiser would not exist were it not for the brave men and women of our armed forces – the ones that apparently are asking for too much from the Liberals.

“While Canada’s Conservatives have demanded an apology from Justin Trudeau to veterans because of his past insensitive comments, he has steadfastly refused, and we renew that call today given this latest decision from the Liberals.”