OTTAWA, ON – The Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and the Official Opposition, the Hon. Andrew Scheer, issued the following statement on Katyn Memorial Day:

“Today, Canadians of Polish descent and millions of Poles around the world commemorate the brutal murder of 22,000 Polish officers by communist secret police at Katyn Forest and other places in 1940.

“For many Poles, the Katyn massacre symbolized the Soviet Union’s imperial ambitions and Stalin’s attempt to destroy the Polish intelligentsia and military. While the Soviet Union denied its involvement in the massacre, 79 years later the free people of Poland and Canada remember the innocent victims of this horrible crime. We must pledge to never forget these Polish heroes who fought for the freedom of their motherland.

“In Canada, we cherish our close friendship and alliance with Poland and, having fought shoulder-to-shoulder alongside free Polish forces in the Second World War, continue to stand with them today as a full member of NATO.

“On behalf of the Canada’s Conservatives, I join all Polish Canadians and Poles around the world in paying tribute to the victims of the Katyn massacre, and denouncing the crimes of communism.”


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