As per usual, the rules just don’t apply to Justin Trudeau. Weeks after making international headlines for announcing a sweeping ban on single-use plastics, the Prime Minister has come under criticism online for posting a photo of a pizza party on Twitter where piled up on the corner of the table are a bunch of single-use plastic forks and knives.

This is no different than how Justin Trudeau will lecture moms and dads driving their kids to and from hockey practice about their carbon footprint and force them to pay a punishing carbon tax one day, and then on the next day Justin Trudeau will jet away to Florida for a sunny weekend get-away.

When the Prime Minister’s Office was questioned about this botched photo-op, they responded by saying the plastic cutlery would be washed and re-used at future events. According to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, re-using plastic cutlery could lead to further degradation, the collection of bacteria in the curls and ridges, and the leaching of chemicals into foods and beverages.

reporter was also quick to point out while on a Washington trip staff weren’t told to avoid using single-use plastics, rather just keep them out of photos with the Prime Minister. This plastic faux-pas comes after Justin Trudeau spectacularly failed to answer a simple question about the action his family has taken to reduce their usage of single-use plastics. Clearly, Justin Trudeau’s so-called environmentalism is Not as Advertised.