OTTAWA, ON – This week the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights will vote on amendments to the Liberals’ omnibus justice Bill C-75. Conservative Shadow Minister for Justice, the Hon. Tony Clement, today issued the following statement regarding the legislation: “Justin Trudeau’s 300-page omnibus justice Bill C-75 is deeply flawed and makes sweeping and irresponsible changes to Canada’s justice system. Instead of taking action to combat terrorism, the Liberals want to reduce sentences for anyone who travels overseas to join terrorist groups like ISIS. That is simply outrageous but perhaps not surprising since Justin Trudeau thinks ‘reintegration,’ not prosecution, is the best way to deal with returning ISIS fighters. Clearly the rights of victims and the safety of Canadians are not the Prime Minister’s top priorities. “Justin Trudeau wants to water down the penalties for serious crimes by hybridizing 136 offences. If his bill passes, criminals could get a fine instead of jail time for committing serious offices like: participating in a terrorist group, leaving Canada to participate in a terrorist group, advocating genocide, human trafficking, and impaired driving causing bodily harm. That is simply mind-boggling. All of these crimes must remain indictable offences and carry with them the maximum jail-time they deserve. “At committee we heard from victims of crime who are angry that the Liberals are again failing them by denying justice for their loved ones. Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau has a track record of insulting victims of crime, including his recent refusal to return Tori Stafford`s killer to prison and paying veterans benefits to incarcerated criminals who never served their country. “Canada’s Conservatives will always stand up for the rights of victims of crime. That is why we have submitted over 100 amendments to ensure the continued safety of Canadians. In addition to calling for serious crimes to remain indictable offences, we will be demanding that the Liberals reverse the elimination of preliminary inquiries, and peremptory challenges of jurors. We will also be calling for a reversal on the elimination cross-examining police officers at trial for certain offences, an increase to the maximum sentence for sexual assault, and will make sure that court-imposed victim surcharges are not watered down. “Conservatives will fight for these changes at our committee meeting on Wednesday and hope that the Liberals will listen to common sense, otherwise Canada’s justice system will be seriously impaired for years to come, marking another monumental failure for Justin Trudeau.” -30- For more information, please contact: Office of Tony Clement, MP – [email protected] – 613-944-7740